How to Trace your Genealogy

Have you ever tried tracing your family line? Ethnic background of your forefathers, root of ancestral race? Let us say you want to make a family tree so that you would keep records of your clan and genealogy so that your children of the coming generations will see it.

This is something that is quite hard to do especially if you have no idea of your ancestry. Are you going to find this through the internet? How would the internet provide your genealogy? You yourself have to make effort to find your genealogy.

In order to trace your genealogy, you should use interview as your methodology. Go around and find all the elders in your own community and ask about them one by one about your ancestry. That will be the moment you will know what your identity is.

Collect all the family tree that your kin have made and compare with the information that you have gathered. Perhaps through what they have made, you will see additional information beyond what you have collected.

Search about how your community was founded because this will help you know your race.

Research on how your town was founded, the province, region, and your nation itself. While searching on the foundation of each tribes, you also take note of the leaders and few of their descendants. This can lead you Perhaps you will find out that you are migrants from another nation. Although you can not trace your history from thousand-year generation, at least there is something that you can know about your family line and you will be very proud that you made something great.