The emotional reunion between north and south korean families

Family, the smallest unit of the economy but has the powerful effect that can drive a nation into good or bad condition. The family is composed of a father, mother and the children. This composition can extend to include other family members that live together in one household like the parent of the father and mother or aunt or other family members. In some other countries family composition is small with only one to three children but in other countries children can reach up to ten in numbers.

You can get the idea of what we want to share in this article when you first read the title and the video above. Among the families of the world, there are the many or thousands of families in North and South Korea that did not meet each other for a long time because of the tension between the two countries. They are still at war with each other technically as the armistice is the one proclaimed and not independence. Their relationship is rocky as they can agree for some time then tension can rise up again the other time. This buffet restaurant organizes place and food well. Check this references 集團. It is one of the best choice restaurant by many.

The two countries have helped some family reunions just like the one in the video several other times also when their relationship is in good terms. Even if there are many limitations but the families regard them as very precious as they can see their family members whose face they may nearly forget. This party tray service restaurant serves them best after. Click this link here 川丰. Over this site everything you need is found here.