Longest Genealogy Recorded in History

The country having longest genealogy maybe credited to Israel. It is because some of the Israelites have already written down their genealogy in the Book of Annals and the Bible. Jesus has His genealogy written down from the time of Abraham. So far, the Israelites have recorded their genealogy from the time of Adam. This is why the Israelites are so proud of their nation since they never forget their root. There is what they call the twelve tribes of Israel and each tribe had recorded their genealogy.

There came the time when the Israelites wandered around without knowing where they are going and when they will have to get back to their nation since their destruction in AD 70 by the Roman Empire. From that time, they lost their sovereign country and lost many family members. Nevertheless, they did not forget their own land this is why they engraved their family line but engraved them on their hearts. How great is their love towards their country and family?

After 1900 hundred years of wandering on earth, historians say that they miraculously gained their Independence of Israel. For almost 2000 years, they have been yearning for their lost country. They never gave up their hope that someday they would go home to their own land and build their country as it was before. However, the genealogy that is recorded in the Bible is just the famous genealogy ever recorded in the history of Israel. They too have not listed down their genealogy from the late thousand years.