Longing for Lost Family Members

What an inexpressible joy could someone possibly feel after meeting a family member who had been lost for a long time? Have you ever experienced losing a member of your family? Or, maybe, you are the lost one. The beating of heart, the fluttering, the love and compassion is definitely stronger among family members. This is why the number one whom we can receive support and love is from our family. Family has the greatest influence to a person as a human.

His upbringing, social relationship, overall personality began within the family. There is  no mother who can forget her child being conceived by her great love and sacrifice, shedding blood. There is no father who can abandon his child without giving his best as a father. There are no children who do not long for the love of their parents. What a lonely path someone is walking while missing his father or mother or children, husband or wife or brother or sister!

Who can rescue him from falling into deep anxiety and depression? Every single day is troublesome. Every moment is empty. My dear parents, my dear children and my loving brothers and sisters, where are you? Don’t you miss the old days? You are my life and everything. Only you could fill my emptiness and make my body which was wretched alive. I miss the day when we were together singing songs, enjoying banquets of food and drinks. I am looking forward on that day when we will meet again!