The shift in American family roles

The situation of a family twenty and ten years ago are evolving and changing. The appearance and roles of each member have changed a lot from that span of time. The situation varies in different countries and now we will look into the situation of families in America. Because of the changes in the economy and also point of view of people, there are changes that occurred that are not traditional at all. As products can be changed and improve, it is also the same with the family.

As you see in the infographic, there are different facts that are supported by statistics. Gone are the days that only men worked and mothers take the full responsibility of doing the household chores, taking care of children, going to school events and many other works. Now, the role has changed and fathers took on the job of a mother when the female partner is the one working. Due to the effect of the economy, women can find work but their husbands cannot so they ended up switching the roles that has many respective roles just like this accounting firm, check this 公司負責人變更. It does not imply negative things but it is a way to help each other as a family.

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