Track your Genealogy and Family History

Have you ever thought of finding your clan’s history? Not many people know their own history. However, those who belong in the royal family or kingship family track very well their history and blood line.

Tracking your ancestral line may be encouraged to so that you can find out how your have come finally to this earth after a thousand years. It is very hard to track the family line even in a hundred years.

How much harder it would be when you track your ancestral birth for a thousand years. However, there is the only genealogy that recorded their vaguely their family history for 6, 000 years.

Though it is vague enough to understand all, at least their is the ancestral record how the nation was brought to its name.

Do you know what that nation is? It is Israel!

The nation have recorded their genealogy from the time of Adam. The nation got its name from the Jacob whose name was soon changed to Israel, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

What about our ancestry, do we know how we got our family name and do we know our original land where our ancestors live?

It maybe be foolish to be talking about finding genealogy but this will lead us to understanding about our own identity. As I am living in Jakarta, I can question:

Who is the forefather of Jakartans?

Was he a king before, or a leader of the tribe, or even a powerful person in the community?

Who is his wife that gave birth to all Jakartans?

What is my status in the community?  In the first place, no one can be proud of their family if they do not know their family tree records!